Top Three Reasons Why We Should've Stayed Children

So I’ve been an adult for longer than I care to think about. However, I feel like childhood is so short. I remember my friend Tomeka and I at nine years old talking about turning “double digits” and using the term “pre-teen” way too often. We couldn’t wait to hit milestones and become grown-ups. If I’d only known what privileges came with childhood…Being an adult is rough. With that hard truth in mind and keeping with the list theme, here is my list of Top Three Reasons Why Being a Kid is Better than Being an Adult: Getting Sick Is Acceptable. Seeing a child or baby throw up and cry is pretty high on the “Awww, poor thing!” or (depending on your region) “bless your heart” list. Seeing a grow

Making the List

I’ve always loved lists. I take pleasure in creating grocery lists, to-do lists, and more recently, a list of questions for the doctor. Lists are kind of my jam. So since the whole my kidneys quitting their day job thing happened, the word “list” has taken on a whole new (less fun) meaning…. When some people find out about my kidney disease, they immediately ask “Are you on ‘the list’?" This is the list to get a kidney. When people who are organ donors pass away, their organs are given to the next person on the list…sort of. The formula for who gets an organ is much more complicated. It involves overall health, age, blood type, how compliant you are, time on the list, and other factors. Ther

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