Fistulas, and Grafts, and Catheters… Oh my!

Fistulas, and Grafts, and Catheters… Oh my! So I’ve talked about my fistula on here before. As a reminder, it’s my super vein access in my left arm for dialysis. Over the past three years, I’ve gone through periods where my fistula would get an aneurysm. It would basically get painful and swollen due to a narrowing in the vein. I have a great vascular surgeon, and each time she would talk me through an angioplasty or a stent. Recently the fistula had gotten so swollen that my skin was starting to thin a little and turn pink in some spots. My Dr. and I decided that it was time to add a graft. I had two choices: a bovine graft (most common) or a plastic one. The bovine one would require a thre

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