Finally...Pt 1: The Call

I had been working from home for the last few weeks. On Saturday April 11th, I enjoyed a big home-cooked lunch then sat back down in my office/living room to work. I, a rule breaker, had my phone on my desk. I had three missed calls: one at 2:46, 2:48, and 3:06pm. Ok, this might be important. At 3:09 I put myself into personal status and called back. "Transplant Department...this is Leah" I explained that I was returning a phone call. Leah very calmly explained to me "We have a kidney that is great match for you. Are you still interested?" "Ummm...yes?" Is she telling me I'm getting a kidney? Her tone made me a little unsure. I guess I was expecting more of a Publisher's Clearing House type

More Dialysis

I know I've talked about what dialysis before (just a few times, right?). Below are a few videos I did actually showing dialysis. These videos are from when I was still was using my fistula. You can see that my arm is a bit swollen, and my skin is broken. Therefore, I am now using a graft. You can read about that transition in my catheter post. However, the dialysis process is still the same. Pt 1 It's a wrap Pt. 2 The Shtick Pt 3. The Wait

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