The (Un)Glamorous Life

So most of my posts are positive (don't worry this one will be too--eventually), but I'm a human (insert joke here) so sometimes I have bad days. One of my friends has said to me many times "I always forget that you're sick!!" This is because I have been blessed to still live the "good life" meaning I can drive, get around without assistance, and generally take care of myself. Today I'm going to talk about some things that are not so cute: 1.) Blood. If the sight of blood freaks you out, this is not the disease for you! (kidding. this isn't the disease for anyone!) You actually SEE your blood (and the blood of those around you if you're looking) traveling through the needles and tubes. Also

New York, New York

I met a young woman at Disney World (because that's where you meet people). She was in search of a kidney for her second transplant. She was about to begin dialysis, and this trip to Disney was her "last hurrah." I was with my parents and my friend, Tori. I explained to her that dialysis does not have to stop her life. I pointed at my mom and dad said “I just spent almost two weeks with them in Savannah.” Pointed at Tori, “and we’re going to New York!” I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but I love to plan. Whether it’s a vacation, future plans, or what to have for dinner this week give me a calendar/computer/notebook and I’m in my happy place. Thankfully, God blessed me with my friend Tori

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