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Rules to Live By...Literally

I'm approaching month three with my new kidney, Princess Lily (Lily because I got it on Easter, Princess because well, ya know). Just like when I was first diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease, I've had to make some adjustments and adopt new habits. The first big change is a change in medication. I start each day with around10 pills. I also have a 12PM, 6PM, and 8PM med time. Most of my medications are anti-virals and anti-rejection meds.

Anti-rejection medications -yup, you guessed it, help prevent your body from rejecting the new organ. In order to do so, they suppress your immune system. So I have to be extra careful about being around people and cleaning up after the dog. Last year I met a man who had a liver transplant. He gave everyone elbow bumps and kept his distance, and I remember being surprised at how cautious he was. Look at me now! I wear a mask religiously, wash my hands often, and wipe down everything that comes into my home. With the rise of the covid-19 pandemic (yup, that's still a thing), this is not only helping my health, but gives me a little piece of mind too.

Another is a change in my body. The incision has healed and left me with a large scar on my lower abdomen. In case you're thinking "Oh no...bathing suit season!" Don't worry. In addition to my scar, I have a brand new, swollen, pregnant-ish looking belly. This new asset can stick around up to a year or so. So...what is this bathing suit season you speak of?

I was given a lot of new rules that I wouldn't have even thought about:

-No cold deli meats

-Wear something on your feet at all times

-No buffets (well duh)

-Stay away from young children ( or anyone doing live vaccines) for a while

-No pomelos, grapefruit, or pomegranate (interacts with meds)

-Get blood and urine tests every week to check levels

-No unpasteurized eggs or dairy products

-Sunblock everyday (higher risk of skin cancer)

Despite all of these changes, I wouldn't trade Princess Lily for the world. I'll take a swollen belly and no Pub subs over 12 hours of dialysis a week any day.

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