Comparison Shopping

Like most of us, I love to read reviews and check several websites before buying anything. Like, anything. I spent 30 minutes today researching can openers. If you're interested, I went with the three dollar/three star one from Target (review to come later). So I've had to be careful with this mentality where kidney health is concerned because, like your mom probably told you: Everybody is different. There's a lot of kidney support groups and pages online. There are even books where people talk about their transplant journey. One thing that people always talk is an almost immediate burst of energy. Angela Bacita (author of Moonface) describes having so much energy after transplant that she s

Living it Up!

Woo-hoo!! Today is my three month kidney-versary! During the last couple of years, I did princess songs while I waited for my kidney (check them out on this blog if you missed them). After transplant, a doctor told me that I may have a hard time singing for a while due to pain/pressure in my abdomen and not being able to breathe as deeply while healing. This isn't a "princess" song but it's how I'm feeling after transplant. Here's me "livin it up" (from one of my favorite shows, Hadestown) and trying some singing anyway.

Rules to Live By...Literally

I'm approaching month three with my new kidney, Princess Lily (Lily because I got it on Easter, Princess because well, ya know). Just like when I was first diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease, I've had to make some adjustments and adopt new habits. The first big change is a change in medication. I start each day with around10 pills. I also have a 12PM, 6PM, and 8PM med time. Most of my medications are anti-virals and anti-rejection meds. Anti-rejection medications -yup, you guessed it, help prevent your body from rejecting the new organ. In order to do so, they suppress your immune system. So I have to be extra careful about being around people and cleaning up after the dog. Last year I

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