Walk It Out!

Last year I was searching for a way to connect with and help others with CKD. I came across the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Walk website. I created the Renal Royalty team which consisted of my family and friends. Together we raised over $1000! I'd like to say I picked the name Renal Royalty because, even in times of adversity, we have to remember our value. We are kings and queens. But actually, I'm obsessed with Disney and the whole Disney Princess franchise (my faves are Belle and Tiana in case some fellow Disney nerds were wondering), and I wanted a team name that reflected who I am. Also, I love dressing up, and I thought wearing crowns would be fun. However, that other stuff's t

The Kidney Diet

When I got out the hospital last year, the first thing my mom did was go through my kitchen. She threw away all of the salt, and my heart sank as she tossed my ice cream. {More on my love of ice cream later} So I'm sure you're wondering why an otherwise sane woman would do something so heinous? The kidney diet.... I have to be careful about four big things: fluid, sodium, phosphorous, and potassium. Last year I asked a doctor some diet questions. His answer was something like "you can fix too much sodium and phosphorus, but potassium? That's what'll kill you." While I definitely don't appreciate his bedside manner, it motivated me to be careful and do some research. Potassium affects your h

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