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Walk It Out!

Last year I was searching for a way to connect with and help others with CKD. I came across the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Walk website. I created the Renal Royalty team which consisted of my family and friends. Together we raised over $1000!

I'd like to say I picked the name Renal Royalty because, even in times of adversity, we have to remember our value. We are kings and queens. But actually, I'm obsessed with Disney and the whole Disney Princess franchise (my faves are Belle and Tiana in case some fellow Disney nerds were wondering), and I wanted a team name that reflected who I am. Also, I love dressing up, and I thought wearing crowns would be fun. However, that other stuff's true too. We rule! Get it? Kings and Queens?!

The National Kidney Foundation brings awareness and provides prevention and treatment of kidney disease. They even provide free testing for those at risk of CKD! Recently NKF has provided aid to dialysis patients in hurricane-affected areas. Anytime I check their website, I can read about health legislation, diet, and other info. For me spending a morning with my loved ones knowing that we're contributing to a great cause was and is a win-win. So there it is. That's why I walk--to help others like me and to prevent people from being like me.

My friends and family have been so great. They joined the team, donated, walked, and even wore silly crowns. If anyone is reading this and thinks they'd like to help, click here. You can donate to me/my team or join the walk team and raise money yourself. You can also go the nkf website and donate directly to help hurricane victims. As always, thanks for reading :)


Princess Krystle Kryscendo

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