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New Year, New York

I went to New York….again. This time was different. In November I submitted an audition video to work at a new attraction in New York City. I was thrilled when they called and offered me the position. Even more exciting- my friend,J,got the same offer! We were going to be roommates, and more importantly, we would be New Yorkers! I spent November and December searching for apartments, creating budgets, and shopping for sweaters and boots. Basically doing my favorite pastime: planning. Orientation was scheduled for the week of January 7th. I arranged for a plane ticket, a place to stay and dialysis for the week.

I was so excited to be moving to a city with so many opportunities. My plan was to apply for another part time job, and use my free time to audition. One day leading up to my big trip, I was eating rice and beans (for my fellow kidney patients: not great for dietary restrictions. Most beans are high in potassium. However, Chipotle is delicious. Make good choices). I felt something CRUNCH! A chunk of my back tooth had come out. Recently I’d been grinding my back teeth, and clenching my jaw. Why was I so stressed out (sarcastic voice)? My first thought was what would happen if I was in NYC? I need to be in a situation where I can afford dental work! But in typical Krystle fashion I said “This is fine.”

Late December, I received a call saying that the attraction’s hours had changed. There would be way fewer workable hours. This is fine. I just need to be even more diligent in searching for jobs. No big deal. I had my three sweaters and two pairs of boots. There was no turning around now. My friend J and I were meeting up to shop and talk about our trip. We had three more weeks to secure an apartment. On my way to meet up….CRUNCH! Another tooth!?! This time a completely different tooth, one closer to the front, had completely broken off. This felt like a sign. Not a cute sign either. There was now a noticeable gap in the side of my mouth. After I called my mom crying, I called J. I told him I wasn’t coming today, but what I really meant was “I’m not .going to New York.”

When I have a tough decision to make, I like to first pray about it. Then I close my eyes and imagine that I’ve made decision A. Next I envision how I feel if I’ve made decision B. I choose whichever one gives me the most peace. What would give me the most peace is if I stayed in Tampa (for now). However, I’d already planned on going to NYC for orientation/rehearsal week. So like I said, I went to New York again. This time it was different. I tried to have the mindset of ‘what if you lived here?’ during the whole trip. Here’s a list of things I did/discovered.

[if !supportLists]1.) [endif]I saw Choir Boy. It was incredible! First of all I was in the second row—I LOVE good seats. Such an amazing, thought-provoking story. The music was mostly Negro spirituals which was unique, familiar, and beautiful all at once. There were moments for laughing and crying throughout.

[if !supportLists]2.) [endif]I got to see the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza!

[if !supportLists]3.) [endif]Umm…New York is kinda cold. Even with my thrift store sweaters….There was a day in the 20s, and I felt like someone had slapped me in the face.

[if !supportLists]4.) [endif]I was able to reconnect with old friends and even met some new ones.

[if !supportLists]5.) [endif]I would rather walk/Uber/Lyft then take a subway. Turns out I get a little anxious when I have to transfer trains alone.

[if !supportLists]6.) [endif]I ate some tasty things

[if !supportLists]a. [endif]Genovese Pizza (pesto, parmesan, ricotta, cherry tomatoes) at Fornino in Brooklyn

[if !supportLists]b. [endif]Hot honey fried chicken and apple cinnamon waffle at Sweet Chick in Brooklyn

[if !supportLists]c. [endif]Sheppard’s Pie at Mulligan’s

[if !supportLists]d. [endif]Croissant Bagel at The Bagel Shop in Brooklyn

7.) I can do anything (we all can!), but I shouldn’t do everything. Timing is everything. I was bummed about not being able to take this opportunity, but things aren’t over for me. This year, I’m going to keep listening to my gut. Good things are coming!

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